deepassist is the brainchild of two Austrian visionaries.

Today, it ranks among the world’s best 5 technologies in the natural language understanding sector.

Our mission

We believe that the automation of cognitive tasks will usher in the next great revolution of our age. Tasks that were previously only feasible with human intelligence will be carried out by artificial intelligence in the future. With deepassist, we are already helping companies benefit from the great potential of natural language understanding.

Our vision

With deepassist we aim to become the leading NLU platform and lead the automation of cognitive tasks on a global scale. deepassist operates in a language-and applications-agnostic manner and thus has the potential to become the world’s first general artificial intelligence for natural language understanding.

Artificial intelligence, developed by genuine visionaries.

Roland Fleischhacker, CEO

Roland Fleischhacker founded the first Austrian SAP partner back in 1988. Under his leadership, he merged the company with Plaut and expanded the team to over 500 employees. In the following years, he developed a successful business model that led Plaut togo public. Roland Fleischhacker is a serial entrepreneur who has built up a top-class personal network over the years.

Reinhard Pötz, CTO

Reinhard Pötz founded deepassist together with Roland Fleischhacker. They have already been working together on theautomation of cognitive tasks for 15 years. Reinhard Pötz is a member of the Apache Software Foundation, the world’s largest open source organisation. He is a proven Semantic Web expert and an excellent team builder.