How many customer requests do you solve at first contact?

Is your first contact resolution around 40% or 50%? Not bad. But it could be a lot better. As long as it’s lower than 90%, you should really keep on reading.

We are the cognitive force your automation tools are missing.

With deepassist, we elevate your customer service to an entirely new level.

You seek to offer your customers top service, every time. We know that. Increasing time pressure, costs and expectations, however, make this more and more difficult to achieve.

What would you say if had a special task force among your team that pre-sorts requests for you, determines whether it’s a complaint or question, whether it’s urgent or an opportunity to win a new customer –all within a fraction of a second, without ever taking a break, around the clock?


deepassist tremendously increases your organisation’s automation potential.


Our AI understands your customers’ requests and provides relevant information for automated processing. In the blink of an eye.


Your employees no longer have to deal with routine tasks. Thus you are more available to your customers and have adequate time to deal with challenging requests. Which, in turn, increases your customers’ positive experience.


deepassist is an artificial intelligence and the brain that your automation tools were lacking. And as such, it integrates seamlessly into your existing system landscape.


deepassist understands terms within the respective context. We don’t rely on statistics, but semantics. With the knowledge graph forming the technical basis.


deepassist comes pre-trained and brings common sense as well. It consists of 200,000 concepts and is constantly growing.
To put this into perspective: Your favourite tabloid makes do with 700 – 800 concepts.

In a few years, customer support in modern organisations will turn from a cost centre into a value centre – with the help of intelligent software solutions. But why wait?
With deepassist, it only takes 9 weeks for you to offer the best customer service you ever had.

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When it comes to customer support, all companies face the same issues:

Customers demand clear, quick and specific answers. By actually delivering those, is where you can significantly stand out from the competition. Customer service is THE opportunity to differentiate yourself because it is becoming more and more challenging.

Increasing numbers of requests

Customers expect quick, simple solutions and are increasingly less tolerant towards waiting and employees.

Increasing personnel costs

High staff turnover rates result in the loss of valuable know-how and increases onboarding costs.

Unused channels

81% of customers prefer assisted channels such as telephone, e-mail and live chats over self-service – at an average cost per contact of 14 €.

We are all fed up with chat-bots

that don’t understand what we want. 99% of chat bots don’t deserve the attribute “intelligent”. Instead, most of them are annoying, meandering decision trees that are actually hindering communication.

Find out what deepassist can do for your company now.
Spoiler alert: 30% process acceleration is only the beginning.

One bad experience overshadows all the good ones.

No matter if you produce micro chips or sell train tickets – customer service is the most important product in your portfolio. After all: After a single bad service experience, 61%* of all customers go look for an alternative provider –and that is true for all industries.

We have coached deepassist to work in various industries, allowing you to quickly and efficiently use this AI. The solutions come pre-filled with a vast array of industry-specific content and thousands of typical customer intents.

* Vgl. Gartner, Predicts 2022: Customer Service and Support – Paving the Way for Greater Ambition and Responsibility for the Customer Experience, 19.11.2021

Enterprise Service Management



deepassist analyses, structures, initiates.

deepassist is a strategic service element that seamlessly integrates into your existing system landscape.

It analyses your customers’ requests in a fraction of a second, structures the data contained therein and initiates the right solution process.

Would you like to know how deepassist can save your customer service employees significant amounts of time and even more money?

We help your customers receive the information they are waiting for.

We understand what your customers want – in several languages.

Urgent request vs. general question – deepassist recognises relevance.

deepassist is your jack of all trades: Our AI can be used by all departments in your organisation.

If needed, one and the same request can trigger different solutions.

Nobody’s perfect –that’s also true for AI. What’s important is how mistakes are recognised and corrected. Our solution allows you to do that yourself, quickly and easily.

What makes deepassist better than other AIs and what can it do in your company?

deepassist is among the top 5 in the world

The world’s most important IT market research company has included deepassist in its list of the 5 best natural language technologies on the planet.

What makes deepassist better than many other service components, according to Gartner:

The traceability of its AI solutions provides you and your staff with maximum transparency and flexibility. Thanks to reusable semantic building blocks, deepassist is easier to configure than other AIs.

Gartner recommends deepassist to all companies that seek to move from tactical isolated solutions to strategic technologies to make processes across the entire company more efficient with the help of AI.

deepassist is our answer to your customer service challenges.

“By 2025, customer service organizations that use AI-enabled knowledge automation will achieve 90% first contact resolution, up from 50% in 2021.”*

* Vgl. Gartner, Predicts 2022: Customer Service and Support – Paving the Way for Greater Ambition and Responsibility for the Customer Experience, 19.11.2021

Is your customer satisfaction declining?

deepassist reduces the number of new customers you need to win over every year to reach your targets. After all: Customers whose requests are answered quickly and reliably are loyal customers.

Are your market shares dwindling?

If you lose customers you lose market shares that have to be recovered with great effort. deepassist interrupts this vicious cycle and supports you with preserving and improving your standing in the market.

Do your employees feel spent?

deepassist relieves your staff of monotonous routine tasks. This frees up important resources and leaves more time and energy for really good service. And happy customers.

How will deepassist relieve your employees of monotonous routine tasks and offer solutions to complex problems?

deepassist supports national and international companies – will you join them soon?

“Wiener Wohnen Kundenservice GmbH” is one of the largest facility managing companies in Europe and has been relying on deepassist since 2017. More than 8 million customer requests were analysed in recent years. 200 agents rely on the continuous support of this AI.

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