How deepassist becomes the brain that your automation tools previously lacked.

deepassist finally provides your automation tools with the ability to “think” instead of simply process redundant tasks. But what’s behind this technology and what makes deepassist special?

The technological basis

You always know why deepassist has made a particular decision. Because this service element transcends the boundaries of conventional black box based AI solutions. Your decision making paths become transparent down to the last detail, changes are easy to implement.

Semantic spaces

deepassist’s intelligence is based on semantic spaces. These consist of language-independent real-world concepts and the relationships between them. Thanks to them, deepassist is capable of understanding the real meaning behind language. For instance that customers can spot a bat at night, but can only strike a ball with a different type of bat.


We understand what your customers want in several languages. And that’s not all: In the German-speaking world, we understand Viennese people just as well as people from Zurich and in English, we understand Australians as well as Scots.

Your employees not only use deepassist

They also maintain the system. What does that mean? You can save money on expensive data scientists and its no-code back end makes working with the platform uncommonly easy.

You don’t need to collect data

Many AIs first need to be taught with neural networks. This requires vast amounts of data that your company needs to collect. deepassist is different. Using millions of real-life customer requests, we have built a knowledgegraph packed with “world knowledge” based on more than 200,000 concepts and their connotations. deepassist now knows more words than Webster’s Dictionary including the relationships between them.

Pre-trained building blocks

deepassist’s comprehensive knowledge base consists of many semantic building blocks that are themselves part of a “building block kit”. Every kit contains thousands of pre-trained building blocks that allow deepassist to be quickly adapted to your processes.


deepassist analyses every request for its content, but also at an emotional level, making it capable to trigger various solutions. For example: What if the caller only needs information and has a base contract? deepassist recognises the potential to suggest a contract upgrade and responds accordingly. If, however, the same customer calls to file a complaint, deepassist only triggers the faster solution.

deepassist’s range of applications doesn’t stop at Customer Service

On the contrary. Instead of installing one isolated solution after the other, deepassist offers an enterprise solution with the potential to revolutionise your IT, Legal Department, Facility Management or HR Help Desk alike.

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Every industry has its own rules. 

deepassist already knows them.

Even though your company and offerings are unique – customer requests are similar across many industries. We have put this fact to good use and pre-trained our AI. This makes deepassist adapt to your requirements more quickly.


deepassist Utility is a pre-configured and pre-trained solution for energy providers and grid operators. It understands more than 160,000 industry-specific topics and terms and is capable of identifying more than 80 typical customer requests from the energy sector.

Public Transport

Packing more than 180,000 industry-specific topics and terms from the public transport sector, deepassist is perfectly prepared for serving your company and capable of
4identifying some 1,000 typical customer requests in the public transport sector: From information requests to loyalty cards to complaints management.

Facility Manage­ment

deepassist Facility Management understands more than 170,000 industry-specific topics and terms at least as well as your service team. This enables it to identify 600 typical complaints, object or damage management customer requests.


deepassist Banking is based on a knowledge graph filled with banking language, making it a perfect pre-configured solution for the banking and financial service provider industry. deepassist instantly recognises debit questions, issues with balancing of accounts or reporting lost credit cards and hundreds of other typical requests.


The pre-trained solution for insurance companies significantly simplifies the processing of damage reports, data changes or contract extensions. deepassist comes with more than 80 preconfigured processes ready to use.


deepassist’s enterprise service management system allows you to process employee requests or demands in an automated fashion and to initiate the right solution process–across all areas of your company. From IT issues to HR questions to building technology: As a strategic IT component, deepassist is capable of interpreting messages from all areas of your organisation.

The world’s most important IT market research company has included deepassist in its list of the 5 best natural language technologies on the planet.

(Gartner, COOL VENDOR 2021)

deepassist develops a deep understanding.

deepassist’s knowledge is based on a knowledge graph. It allows it to learn context which, in turn, is the key to understanding a request’s content.

We have trained deepassist on the basis of millions of real-world customer requests. Our AI currently knows 200,000 concepts that make up deepassist’s broad knowledge base. In otherwords: deepassist already knows more words than Webster’s Dictionary including the relationships between them.

deepassist learns to better understand you and your company.

deepassist’s knowledge base (or rather its common sense) is supplemented by your specific knowledge that is precisely adapted to your industry. In a short amount of time, the AI acquires the additional knowledge that deepassist requires to understand the special features of your company and your customers’ wishes.

deepassist is ready to use in no time.

deepassist is a semantic AI. Contrary to many other “AI” products, it doesn’t rely on statistics, but instead understands words in their context. And since it already understands 20 times more concepts than an educated person has in their vocabulary, it’s ready to be used in your company in a matter of 8 to 10 weeks.

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