deepassist integrates seamlessly into your existing system landscape.

And makes you clearly stand out from your competition.

To your AI based solution in just 9 weeks.

Weeks 1-2

deepassist is implemented in an agile fashion. While the process is optimised internally in your company, we take over the specialisation of the AI. The requirements are defined and a semantic analysis of your customer communication is carried out. We analyse the company-specific vocabulary and incorporate product names, abbreviations, etc.

In order to tailor deepassist to your company in the best possible way, we require data. There are two options: Either you already have data that you can hand over to us, or we set up joint workshops in which the essential information is worked out.

Weeks 3-8

Now the training of the AI starts. It is continuously tested, subjected to numerous reviews and optimised. Thanks to the use of semantic building blocks, the processes can be adapted easily. After each training iteration –typically up to 3 iterations of 2 weeks each –the AI’s recognition and extraction quality is measured. Upon completion, typical recognition rates exceed 90%. In the course of these 6 weeks, we regularly discuss and evaluate the development and results with you.

During this time, you will have the opportunity to also get your own system ready for the best customer service you have ever had. Developments in both your CRM and ticket systems and the design of the new automated process are important to increase FCRR by 80% or reduce onboarding time by 90%.

Week 9

After two to three training iterations, reviews and adjustments, deepassist is trained on your company. The results are prepared and presented to you. Together we discuss the further procedure and prepare to go live.

deepassist comes pre-configured for many industries, significantly reducing the AI’s training time.

Put DEEP ASSIST to the test.

Various proof of concepts give you the certainty that DEEP ASSIST is the right choice for your company. Together we will find the right option for your project –we look forward to talking to you!

Option 1: Batch processing

You provide us with historical, categorised customer messages (e.g., e-mails).

We store them on inencrypted form and in compliance with data protection regulations.

DEEP ASSIST processes the data in batch form and delivers the result in the form of an XLSX file.

You receive the XLSX file and a presentation of the results.

Together we discuss the results and your options.

The provided customer messages will be deleted afterwards.

Your advantage: With as little effort as possible, you get clear insights into how DEEP ASSIST works.

Option 2: Cloud Services

We provide you with the API access data for DEEP ASSIST. You integrate the API access into your processes.

You send requests to the API and document them yourself.

DEEP ASSIST doesn’t store any data.

Afterwards, we discuss the results and your options.

Your advantage: This allows you to also test your API integration in the course of the PoC.

Boost your productivity!