Why doesn’t this work? Where do I find my customer number? And when will I receive my order?

DEEP ASSIST helps you find answers to your customers’ questions.

In a fraction of a second.

DEEP ASSIST is your most valuable customer service assistant.

Contrary to the industrial sector, the service area has so far not been automated to a large extent. This is your chance to stand out from the competition as a service provider and employer. DEEP ASSIST accelerates your customer support processes by a third, increases your first contact resolution rate and makes onboarding new employees a lot less time-consuming too.

Ever more requests in a short time

DEEP ASSIST analyses what customer requests are about in a semantic way and initiates the right solution –in a fraction of a second. This reduces your employees’ workload, optimising customer service processes.

Customers require fast, simple help and are not too patient

DEEP ASSIST allows for significantly faster and more precise responses and takes over routine tasks that only cost your employees time. You can then use the time saves to deal with more challenging requests that require more assistance –and process them at your customers’ full satisfaction.

Employees leave, know-how dwindles

DEEP ASSIST supports your employees, creating a more pleasant work environment and reducing staff turnover rates. Moreover: Even if employees decide to leave, their know-how stays in the company thanks to AI.

Customers don’t stick to the preferred communication channel

No matter what channel customers use to contact your company, DEEP ASSIST processes them and provides structured data.

DEEP ASSIST is among the top 5 NLU solutions in the world.

In recent years, many companies have invested in statistics-based NLU and were disappointed. They were too complex, required too much maintenance and were too confusing. DEEP ASSIST is different. It is based on a semantic NLU: An AI with the potential to fundamentally change your customer service processes. And one that Gartner calls one of the top 5 NLUs in the world.

Tactical, isolated solutions can only be used in one department.
The extent and quality of training data is being significantly underestimated.
Neural networks are black boxes.
Maintenance requires expensive data scientists.
Character limits and models that are only designed for one application area quickly bring AIs to their knees.
DEEP ASSIST is a strategic IT component that can be used by all organisational units within your company.
DEEP ASSIST comes pre-trained and is specialised in your company ina matter of 8 to 10 weeks.
DEEP ASSIST’s semantic AI makes ever decision traceable. And if it makes mistakes, they can be corrected in no time.
Thanks to its no-code back end, DEEP ASSIST allows for the respective department's users to maintain and expand its language module.
DEEP ASSIST takes language recognition to a new level and understands various spoken and written languages, irrespective of the channel.