Customer service centres are confronted with the same requests over and over and over again.
That’s where deepassist flexes its muscles.

And your employees have more time and energy to deal with more challenging requests.

deepassist understands your customers’ requests so that you can focus
on solving them.

Spare your employees the ever recurring routine tasks that only cost them time. Significantly increase your FCRR by providing your customers with the information they need, quickly and reliably. Put your trust in natural language understanding, the future customer care standard that, according to Gartner Predicts 2022, is able to create a first contact resolution rate of 90%.

What deepassist does differently.

Automated language understanding technology

deepassist independently processes cognitive tasks.

Pre-trained and prepared

Lots of tools are available on the market: IBM Watson, Microsoft LUIS and Google Dialogflow, to name just a few. However, they are not real solutions as they need to be trained from the ground up. Which takes months or years. deepassist already comes pre-trained on the basis of millions of real-life customer requests.


Based on your industry, you can select a pre-trained language module. And whatever deepassist doesn’t yet understand, its AI can learn in 8 to 10 weeks.

Multi channel solution in several languages

deepassist understands your customers’ requests as well as your employees. Only a thousand times faster. Across all channels, in written or spoken form and in various languages. All that makes deepassist an efficient assistant in your service centre.

Multiple intents

One request, several different intents? deepassist identifies every single one and can, if needed, trigger different solutions. Your customers receive all the answers they are looking for by sending a single request.

Multiple perspectives

Thanks to its capability to interpret requests from different perspectives, deepassist allows for precise statements about the customers’ situation. Thus, employees can respond in a more targeted manner and increase the positive customer experience.

No black box

Every AI decision can be traced and adapted quickly and easily according to your requirements.

Nobody’s perfect

In the even that the AI makes a false decision, it can be corrected in a few minutes in the respective department.

Internal system care

You save money for expensive data scientists and don’t have to create a new role: deepassist’s no-code back end is designed for department users.

One company – one solution

You no longer need a designated system for ever unit. As a strategic enterprise solution, deepassist can be used by all organisational units. Wherever a large amount of routine tasks are received daily –from Customer Service to the HR Department to Facility Management.

What deepassist does in your company.

+ 80 % first contact resolution rate

Our technology is based on natural language understanding, the future standard for all areas of customer care. According to Gartner Predicts 2022, companies that invest in AI will reach a first contact resolution rate of 80%.

+30% process acceleration

From receiving a request via telephone to resolving the case, deepassist accelerates the process by 30% and increases the FCRR by 80%. That applies to the one channel that 70% of customers still prefer when it comes to getting answers to their questions.

Reduce your recruiting effort

Thanks to the reduction in routine tasks, your employees have more time to take care of their customers. This boosts motivation and satisfaction. So that you don’t have to go look for new employees all the time.

And what if you hire a new employee?

Once deepassist is integrated in your company, onboarding a new call centre employee takes significantly less time. For those that are equipped with well-structured and pre-sorted information can respond more quickly and confidently–even after a brief training period.

deepassist enables smarter hyperautomation in your systems

In this example you can see the hyperautomation of a claim notification to an insurance company; starting with the analysis of the concern by deepassist to the automated entry in Microsoft Dynamics CRM to the automated response to the customer.

REALLY understands your customers’ intents

Often, customers have several intents packed into a single request. No problem for deepassist. This AI solves ambiguities based on context and recognises different ways of spelling or pronouncing terms.

What else can the use of deepassist do for your company and what makes it different than other AI solutions? Find out right now:

What satisfied customers say about deepassist.

“DEEP ASISST's AI solution has enabled us to document business cases from the customer's perspective. In the end, this resulted in accelerated conversations and thus, time savings. At the same time, the AI solution provides a centralised, uniform knowledge database where short-term process updates are available to employees in real time. This has significantly shortened our training periods.”
Stefan Wanner, Managing Director of the Wiener Wohnen Kundenservice GmbH Call Centre
“Customers expect quick answers – AI helps companies meet this demand. We want to relieve our Customer Service of routine tasks.”
Claudio La Torre, Digital Products Manager –Die Netzwerkpartner (Organisation of 120 German energy providers)
“At Wiener Wohnen, it used to take three and a half weeks to train a new call centre employee. Today, four days is all it takes.”
Stefan Wanner, Managing Director of the Wiener Wohnen Kundenservice GmbH Call Centre
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Henry Ford once said: “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”

Applied to modern customer service, this means: Increasing demands don’t necessarily require more or better employees but instead a service element that allows processes that used to cost your employees valuable time to be automated.